Stephanie Dorwick | Author | Your Name Is Not Anxious
Stephanie Dowrick talks on stillness & inner steadiness


This talk will be of additional support to readers of Your name is not Anxious.

Which of us does not want a greater sense of stillness – and choice – in our lives? Not least so that we can meet difficult situations with greater confidence – and experience more welcome situations with greater appreciation and pleasure. With a deepened sense of inner stillness, we are also far easier to be with.  We are more open, less defensive, less judgmental (and more discerning).  We can make decisions and choices that benefit others as well as ourselves.

This is a psychological gift as much as it is a spiritual one. In this short talk, recorded at the October 2011 Interfaith service in Sydney, Dr Stephanie Dowrick speaks about this beautiful topic with inspiring confidence that this is a way of living and being that is accessible to us, and that can be quietly transformative for us.