Stephanie Dorwick | Author | Your Name Is Not Anxious


With consummate insight and compassion, Stephanie Dowrick Ph.D. D.Min, offers a new way to look at anxiety (and yourself) that is accessible, supportive and immediately effective. Drawing on decades of professional experience, her own story, plus the latest in mind-body-brain insights, she puts workable knowledge into your hands. Always inspiring, always practical, YOUR NAME IS NOT ANXIOUS returns the life-changing power of choice and inner security to you – where they belong.

‘Anxiety is treatable. Even when it seems to have colonised your mind. Yet vast numbers of people suffer without relief. A whole-self approach is all that makes sense. That includes understanding the inevitable interactions between stress and anxiety, plus anxiety and depression – and the all-round loss of confidence (and sense of self) that comes with chronic or acute anxiety.

You are also trying to deal with your own personal anxiety in a crazy-hectic, competitive, unjust and insecure world – with what seems like global crises everywhere you look.

No matter how much support you have (or don’t have) when it comes to anxiety, knowledge truly is power. As beloved actor and writer Magda Szubanski has said, Your name is not Anxious ‘is lifesaving’. It can be read in a gulp or tiny sips. It was born when I witnessed the urgent need to bring together the latest insights around brain-body-mind interdependence, together with a genuinely self-compassionate perspective. This is invaluable knowledge available to professionals. It needs to be available to you, putting power back where it belongs: in your own hands.’

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