Stephanie Dorwick | Author | Your Name Is Not Anxious

How is this book different?

  1. You are a WHOLE SELF: always more than your anxiety, however severe it is.
  2. This is NOT ‘self-help’. It is evidence-based SELF THERAPY, sharing professional knowledge to use on a daily basis.
  3. It is essential (and easy) to understand brain-body-mind interconnections. This makes a profound difference to your self-care strategies.
  4. Insight is essential. But so is action.
  5. Calming the body powerfully supports calming your mind.
  6. When you are very distressed, your ‘thinking powers’ diminish or desert you. Calm your body FIRST.
  7. Reducing STRESS is essential. Stress, anxiety and sleeplessness are an unholy trinity.
  8. Recognise the patterns in your life where you are particularly under siege. Learn to vent…and pause…and move on.
  9. Anxiety is NOT YOUR FAULT. But anxiety is treatable. Even in the crazy-anxious world we live in.
  10. Storytelling is the default position of the brain. How you talk to yourself, how you regard your place in the world, your inner resources, your purpose and meaning, all contribute to your fundamental wellbeing. And remember: anxiety is a coloniser, a robber, a liar. Push back.

Professional endorsement

‘Anxiety is both normal and all too often a saboteur. Stephanie Dowrick’s unique book, through her rich experience and diverse training and expertise, covers all dimensions and layers. The storytelling is especially potent, showing exactly how unbearable emotional pain can be staunched and then diverted with empathy and precise skill. The blend of psychotherapeutic depth, spirituality and practical common sense is rare. Dr Dowrick has made an array of connected insights accessible to us all: a timely gift in our anxious and troubled world.’

Patrick McGorry AO, Professor of Youth Mental Health, Univ of Melbourne (Former Australian of the Year)