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Writer. Public Speaker. Activist.

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You can visit Stephanie Dowrick’s public Facebook page without being a follower. To participate, it may be necessary to join and ideally ‘Like’ the page.

Stephanie Dowrick uses her public Facebook page to stay in frequent contact with readers.

She can also be found on Instagram where she is a newbie.

For humanitarian justice matters, you will find her on Twitter.

She continues to contribute occasional opinion articles to The Sydney Morning Herald and the Age, as well as Pearls & irritations, and via her Public Facebook page.

Publishing enquiries

For global publishing rights enquiries:

For general ANZ publicity enquiries:

To check Dr Stephanie Dowrick’s availability for Australia-wide public events,

For Aotearoa/NZ events

Public events enquiries

To check Dr Stephanie Dowrick’s availability for ANZ or global Zoom events: Molly H. via

Writing mentor enquiries

As a writing teacher and mentor, Stephanie continues to teach writing in private groups, and to mentor writers through Australian Writers Mentoring.

Dr Stephanie Dowrick in the USA or UK enquiries

To enquire about Dr Stephanie Dowrick and Dr Mark S Burrows’ shared global literary/spiritual work

Schools enquiries

For schools’ enquiries, including parents/teachers’ events on emotional wellbeing, anxiety/resilience, self-trust/inclusivity: Sally Tabner, hello (at)

For events via Zoom: Molly H. via contact.revdrsd (at)

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