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Dr Stephanie Dowrick

Multi-award winning writer
Psychotherapy researcher & coach
Public speaker
Workshop leader
Interfaith Minister
Former publisher (founder of The Women’s Press, London).   

‘In an era of inauthenticity, Stephanie Dowrick is a godsend. Her gift is the ability to write in a manner that genuinely enriches and changes lives.’ Nigel Marsh, Host of Five of My Life and author

‘Has a luminosity about her that’s contagious.’ Claire Scobie, Kindred Spirit (UK)

‘She offers penetrating insights into some of the most complex paradoxes in human relationships.’ The Guardian (UK)

‘Stephanie Dowrick’s greatest asset is her own very distinctive voice, a clarity and directness that creates an immediate empathy with the reader.’ Amanda Lohrey, Miles Franklin & Patrick White award-winning author


Anxiety is treatable. Yet more and more of us are anxious – and increasingly stressed. A whole-self approach with close attention to your body is all that makes sense. That includes understanding the interactions between stress and anxiety, anxiety and depression – and the all-round loss of confidence and sense of self that comes with chronic or acute anxiety. This book can be read in a gulp or tiny sips, matching newest insights around brain-body-mind with a genuinely self-compassionate perspective. And the author’s own story for immediate insight and change.

‘Read. This. Book. It’s a lifesaver.’  Magda Szubanski AO, Actor and author

‘Stephanie Dowrick’s unique book, through her rich experience and diverse training and expertise, covers all dimensions and layers. The blend of psychotherapeutic depth, spirituality and practical common sense is rare. Dr Dowrick has made an array of connected insights accessible to us all.’ Patrick McGorry AO, Professor of Youth Mental Health, University of Melbourne

‘One of the most useful books I have read in over 40 years as a psychotherapist.’ Helen Palmer, Director, Psychosynthesis Education & Research, New Zealand

‘Anxiety is one of the biggest problems of our times. Stephanie Dowrick puts anxiety in its proper context: body, mind and soul.’ Tom Tilley, Television and radio presenter, author of Speaking in Tongues

‘A rousing affirmation for everyone who has felt like they are nothing more than a diagnosis.’ Dr Neela Janakiramanan, Reconstructive surgeon, author of The Registrar

Informed. Insightful.


We live in a crazy-anxious world. And anxiety is affecting millions of lives. Sometimes crushing your confidence or even your sense of self. Yet effective treatment is often inadequate. Or impossible to access. Taking a whole-self approach based on a rare depth of insight and research, plus the courage to tell her own story, and to make that immediately accessible, Dr Stephanie Dowrick puts knowledge and power back where it belongs: in your hands.

  • Calming the body
  • Quietening the mind
  • Ending self-blame and ‘helplessness’
  • Radically reducing stress
  • Understanding the power of mind-body-brain links

All of this is possible even in the most ‘impossible’ circumstances. Stephanie Dowrick’s commitment, wisdom and honesty shows you how.


Your wellbeing depends more than anything else on feeling ‘at home’ within yourself – and alongside others. For years, Dr Stephanie Dowrick has been researching, teaching, discovering what helps you to feel most connected to yourself and also to others in your intimate and wider worlds. Stephanie’s internationally published, award-winning books are loved by readers for their kindness, wisdom and the storytelling that brings them to life. Her most loved books include:

  • Intimacy & Solitude: Finding new closeness & self-trust in a distanced world
  • Choosing Happiness: Life & Soul Essentials
  • The Universal Heart: A Practical Guide to Love
  • Forgiveness & Other Acts of Love
  • Creative Journal Writing: The Art & Heart of Reflection


Whoever we are, wherever we are, we share a drive for meaning, purpose and peace in our lives. Stephanie Dowrick’s books address connection to the this need, as well as our longing for the steadiness that comes with a deeper connection to the wider world. – of which you are a unique part. The following books may particularly support you:

  • Your name is not Anxious: A very personal guide to putting anxiety in its place
  • Seeking the Sacred: Transforming Our View of Ourselves & One Another
  • Forgiveness & Other Acts of Love
  • Creative Journal Writing: The Art & Heart of Reflection
  • Heaven on Earth: Timeless Prayers of Wisdom and Love
  • Everyday Kindness: Shortcuts to a happier & more confident life
  • In the Company of Rilke: Why a 20th-century poet speaks so eloquently to 21st-century readers yearning for inwardness, beauty & connection

Stephanie Dowrick acknowledges Elders past and present of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation and the people of the Larrakia nation, on whose lands her work is created. Sovereignty has never been ceded.

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