Stephanie Dorwick | Author | Your Name Is Not Anxious
Q&A with Stephanie Dowrick: Identity & self-awareness

What would you like to ask Stephanie Dowrick? What do you want to know about identity, self-awareness – and even how and what to question? In this hour-long MP3 file, you will hear others’ personal, courageous questions, asked in a safe retreat setting. And you may benefit from Stephanie’s considered responses.

Stephanie says: “One of the sessions I love best at our retreats at Mana Retreat Centre in Coromandel, New Zealand, (my favourite place to teach) comes near the end when I respond to questions that have emerged for people during this precious time of peace and reflection. I am quite sure that each question reflects a general interest and that’s the perspective from which I try to answer them. Or, at least, try to open up some possibilities in the way that we think about the questions and about ourselves. These questions and answers are from the Easter Retreat 2011. I start with a very brief discussion of ‘what is a question?’ – which takes us into fruitful self-questioning, and mutual enquiry in an instantly enriching way. Enjoy!

Mana Retreat – 2011 Q&A mp3