Stephanie Dorwick | Author | Your Name Is Not Anxious

This book should really have been called, ‘How to be kind to the people you love best’.

It’s not age, sexuality, wealth, religion or culture that will determine the success of your relationship.  It is your willingness to discover what love truly means.

With just a single idea per page – and using the word ‘marriage’ to include all kinds of committed, loving relationships – Dr Stephanie Dowrick distills some of her wisest thinking about kindness, interest, and respect.  The emphasis throughout is on communication, appreciation, and personal responsibility. A small elegantly designed book – small enough to keep close by – each entry offers insight into how to live as our ‘best selves’, at the same time bringing out the best in others. (We think this one is perfect for that wonderful person who would ‘never read “self-help”‘ but could be intrigued, and inspired, by Stephanie Dowrick’s wit and wisdom.