Stephanie Dorwick | Author | Your Name Is Not Anxious
Stephanie Dowrick speaks with Kathryn Ryan

Recorded late in 2010, this is a particularly wide-ranging interview with Stephanie Dowrick on contemporary views of the sacred, Stephanie’s journey towards writing about the sacred dimensions of life in Seeking the Sacred, and particularly about the inevitable social impact of our personal philosophies.

Stephanie says:“This interview was recorded under quite difficult circumstances at both ends, but has come out well. It is intense, wide-ranging and raises many points not dealt with elsewhere. Kathryn Ryan of Radio New Zealand is a highly accomplished broadcaster who was speaking to me in the midst of the shocking news of the Pike River mining tragedy in the South Island of New Zealand, and I was in a small bed and breakfast hotel, about to go to give a public event, with fragile phone reception, in rural New South Wales. Yet we managed! Better than that, the difficulties fell away and we had a fine conversation. Please enjoy it.”

Kathryn_Ryan – Stephanie_Dowrick-2011 mp3

Radio NZ – Nine To Noon
Wednesday 24 November 2010