Stephanie Dorwick | Author | Your Name Is Not Anxious
Stephanie Dowrick offers a practical peace testimony for daily living

Peace-making is no longer an option. (And never was.) To be worthy of life, we must choose to embrace peace-making as a way of being. We must contribute on an active daily basis to the safety, happiness and well-being of all those with whom we share this planet. I offer this as a guide, inspiration, hope, prayer. And as a beginning to each new day.  As a peacemaker I will…

Cultivate peace through my choices and behavior (and acknowledge that they are my choices).
Refuse violence as a “solution” to problems.
Regard life as unconditionally sacred.
Take time to look and listen deeply.
Value other people’s needs and experiences alongside my own.
Learn from my mistakes. And move on.
Speak to myself and other people respectfully.
Accept difference – even when it challenges me.
Extend my vision of community to embrace all living beings.
Cherish the earth and all its living forms.
Learn the value of self-control – and silence.
Practise forgiveness. Practise appreciation. Practise gratitude.
Practise steadiness of mind.
See the unity in all of life. (Our choices constantly affect other people.)
Live as a source of peace for others – and also for myself.

Dr Stephanie Dowrick speaks about peace and peace-making in many of her talks. You can find some of her short talks on YouTube. You will also find daily inspirations in her book, Heaven on Earth.