Stephanie Dorwick | Author | Your Name Is Not Anxious
Seeking the Sacred: Stephanie Dowrick speaks


This is the talk given by Dr Stephanie Dowrick at the Happiness & Its Causes Conference, 2012, held at the Sydney Town Hall. What allows happiness? What are the obstacles? What do we most long for…and how will we achieve it?  How can we become the cause of happiness…rather than the cause of suffering for ourselves and others? This talk opens with the glorious phrase from Sufi poet Hafiz, “I am happy before I have a reason,” and then draws on Stephanie’s work in her key book, Seeking the Sacred, in which she most profoundly challenges what we think life is, and is for. She evokes a life that is courageous, full-hearted, patient, supremely tender and joyful, and she says: “We are right to want all of that….What we regard as sacred, we will care enough to protect.”

You can listen to this talk and leave your thoughts about its loving, transformative message on Stephanie Dowrick’s Official Facebook page.