Stephanie Dorwick | Author | Your Name Is Not Anxious

‘Stephanie Dowrick voices our doubts and questions, and skilfully outlines the truths that address them, providing invaluable guidance and inspiration for the reader.’ Rosamund Burton, Good Reading

How ‘freely’ do you think about…well, pretty much everything?! These short, highly accessible ‘takes’ on the very real dilemmas of everyday living provide an excellent introduction to Stephanie Dowrick’s work – and writing territory.  She shows that a serious, thoughtful writer can also be witty and self-mocking. In chapters short enough to enjoy in a single reading, Stephanie Dowrick offers her views on subjects as various as: how to worry less and praise more; what happiness is – and how to achieve it; ageing appreciatively; why and how to meditate; when and whether to marry; why doubt can be useful and how burnout can be avoided.  She also speaks up persuasively for honesty, tolerance and peace in a world where those vital qualities can seem in short supply.