Stephanie Dorwick | Author | Your Name Is Not Anxious

‘Stephanie Dowrick is unashamed to make a stand for wonder and the incredible gift of living.’ Walter Mason, author of Destination Saigon

This exceptionally reader-friendly book offers short, wise and often very entertaining chapters on the great variety of experiences that we call ‘everyday life’. Adding kindness to the mix – or greater care, appreciation, good humour, understanding, and respect – life itself takes a turn for the better. We feel better. We are easier and more comfortable to be around. Stephanie Dowrick writes with surprising passion about food, moods and exercise: about feeling better from the inside out and the outside in. A parent herself, formerly a psychotherapy guide to many parents (and adult children), she offers insights that lift our thinking too about more relaxed parenting, relationships, self-confidence, personal power.

Many readers continue to miss Stephanie Dowrick’s ‘Inner Life’ column that ran for almost 10 years in the Good Weekend (Sydney Morning Herald and the Age). In Everyday Kindness you have similar short, highly focused, consistently encouraging words of wisdom from the writer described by author and ‘Five of My Life’ host Nigel Marsh as a ‘Godsend’, and by reviewer and writer Claire Scobie as ’empowering’.

Published in the US by Penguin/Random House; in ANZ by Allen & Unwin.