Stephanie Dorwick | Author | Your Name Is Not Anxious
Dr Stephanie Dowrick speaks on Radical Simplicity


Here is a chance to hear a short, highly supportive talks from Dr Stephanie Dowrick, recorded at her regular interfaith services at Pitt Street Uniting Church, Sydney, offered each 3rd Sunday of the month at 3pm. In this talk, recorded on 18 May 2014, Stephanie challenges you to notice what matters most in all our lives; to become more meaningfully aware of the effect of your conduct on others; to become capable of asking three essential questions: “How can I help?”, “Is this kind?”, “Where is this taking me?”. She draws on ancient calls to simplicity from the Tao te Ching and from the Dhammapada to peel away some contemporary layers of confusion and anxiety, and to support us towards greater compassion, engagement and joy. You are very welcome to comment or share your experience of this talk on Stephanie Dowrick’s public FACEBOOK page.