Peace of Mind Retreat, Mana Retreat Centre, NZ, October 2013

Dr Stephanie Dowrick shares her talks from the Peace of Mind Retreat, Mana Retreat Centre, New Zealand, October 2013. Please note that the talks were not professionally recorded but they will bring you the insights and encouragement of that retreat. Please check “Events” on this website for details of future retreats. Stephanie Dowrick teaches at Mana twice each year.


Dr Stephanie Dowrick offers spiritual support in this secular age

The priceless gifts of compassionate “presence”


If you are ever in doubt about what “presence” means you need only cast your mind back to the last time you were in a room with a really bad tempered, tense or angry person! Or someone who felt entitled to meet the world with a sense of outrage. Or was so flooded with self-pity they had no space to generate compassion for anyone else, or understanding of their own circumstances. Without anyone saying a word, or before anyone could say a word, their emotional state would have been more than evident to you. “You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife,” is the expression commonly used. Equally – and far more delightfully – think of the people you know well who are genuinely lovely to be with. In all our lives there are some of these angels. Perhaps they are not always calm and self-possessed, but we can nevertheless rely on them to be trustworthy in their moods, generous in their attitudes, and kind in their actions. We love to be with them. We feel better every time we are together.  What a positive difference to our lives their benevolent “presence” makes.

Stephanie Dowrick and The Writers’ Workshop

From 28 April to 21 June, Dr Stephanie Dowrick will, for the first time, be teaching for the prestigious Faber Academy at their Sydney base. Here is an article prepared by the Faber Academy about Stephanie Dowrick’s exciting and welcoming new course, The Writers’ Workshop.


Writing is well known as one of the most satisfying means of self-expression, but Stephanie Dowrick, one of Australia’s most successful writers, says it can also bring a greater sense of liveliness, confidence and well-being to the whole of a writer’s life. And this in turn, she says, “will bring an immediate improvement to whatever each writer hopes to create and achieve”.