All welcome THIS Sunday 19 April for spiritually inclusive service

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In or near Sydney THIS Sunday, 19 April? Don’t miss the chance to be replenished and uplifted at our sacred service. We have a deeply beautiful theme and Kim Cunio and Heather Lee’s planned music is exquisite. The services start promptly at 3pm and tea and coffee is served afterwards for those who can stay. It is impossible to describe the depth of welcome at a spiritually inclusive service; please experience it if you can. I would also and always be grateful if you would click on “Share” to spread the word. We can never know who needs the prompt of your reminder. Perhaps see you Sunday? I hope so. Peace in our hearts and in our world.

New music from Kim Cunio and Stephanie Dowrick (as part of Lamentations for a Soldier)

482512_10151551867823185_1153905211_nAs part of their new programme, LAMENTATIONS FOR A SOLIDER, a Turkish-inspired performance from the prestigious Song Company, sacred music composer Dr Kim Cunio has written a highly innovative arrangement of part of Psalm 57 which has been recast as a libretto by Dr Stephanie Dowrick. Kim and Stephanie have been creating sacred music works together for more than ten years. (Details of earlier work from Universal Heart Music.) This will form part of their eventual Psalms Cycle.

Mercy frees those who give it: a plea for mercy from Stephanie Dowrick


“Healing rather than harming is our most fundamental ethical choice.”  The day approaches when two Australians may be executed in Indonesia. And on this or any other day hundreds of others, perhaps thousands will die needless deaths from personal or state-sanctioned violence. with this in our minds and hearts, I would ask you please to consider what your own relationship is to the quality of mercy: how it resonates in your heart and life: how it shapes your thinking, choices and actions.

Stephanie Dowrick speaks on “Light in the Darkness”

This is a deeply timely talk from Dr Stephanie Dowrick at a moment when violence and injustice seem to dominate the headlines. How do we stay in touch with our own peacemaking efforts, our will towards kindness?  She starts with an ancient prayer from the Bhagavata Purana that resonates for all: “May the world be at peace. May those with restless minds be serene. May all learn to think about and care for others. May their minds [may our minds] be engaged with what is uplifting. May our hearts be filled with selfless love.”