Stephanie Dowrick on self-acceptance and self-love

10514764_748595428516637_3309871737913415556_n“Loving ourselves” should be entirely natural. It should also lead us away from anxious self-obsession and certainly far away from debilitating self-pity. In fact, self-love – when we understand it – should lead us towards an easy acceptance of our gifts, gratitude for our strengths, as well as a willingness to learn from our inevitable foolishness, errors and misjudgements. Best of all, it should allow us to accept and engage with other people in their complexity. And yet..and yet…for so many people self-acceptance is a distant mirage. What follows is a short extract on this very topic from my book Choosing Happiness. I very much hope that it is helpful because His Holiness is right: “If we do not love ourselves, how can we love others?” And how can we promote the harmony and tolerance that brings us peace and happiness?

Healing the way we think about ourselves and others

Dr Stephanie Dowrick offers a short, rich talk on this vital and timely topic: how we think about (and therefore treat) ourselves and others. The talk was recorded in May 2014 at a short retreat offered by Stephanie Dowrick at the Centre for Spiritual Learning, Wilton, NSW. Stephanie Dowrick’s next retreat will begin on 25 September at Mana Retreat Centre, New Zealand.


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Universal Heart Newsletter: Spring Retreat begins 25 September


Dear Universal Heart Networkers

Spiritual service, Sydney * Meditation CDs plus YouTube Talks * Retreat talks * Spring Retreat, Mana, 3 or 6 days

This coming Sunday, 15 June 2014, at 3pm, we will celebrate EIGHT years of genuinely inclusive spiritual services at Pitt (264) Street Uniting Church in Sydney. Sustaining and growing our community really is quite an achievement and we are feeling truly delighted about it, while also looking forward to a very promising future.

Easter Retreat 2014 Talks by Dr Stephanie Dowrick


These talks by retreat leader and writer Dr Stephanie Dowrick were recorded at the annual Retreat at Easter, Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, New Zealand. The theme this year was “Sanctuary of Love”. We considered how this supports us inwardly and also in the many ways we move through and respond to the outer world. Stephanie Dowrick suggests that if you have time to listen to only one or two talks, that you might choose Tracks 6 and 7. We certainly hope that all these talks will serve you well. Stephanie will lead her second retreat of the year at Mana with a 3-day or 6-day option, beginning 25 September 2014.