Big issues; Great thinkers. Why non-violence is essential.


Stephanie Dowrick is a life-long social activist and peace-maker. She reflects here on the wisdom of non-violence and the urgent necessity of our understanding this – and bringing it to life. Her many books include Seeking the Sacred.

Stephanie Dowrick urges peace for the world’s children

Reverend Dr Stephanie Dowrick speaks at a special service held at Pitt Street Uniting Church in August 2014 to celebrate the beauty of childhood and to give us a vital chance to think and pray together so that we might more imaginatively and compassionately create a world of peace for all…and most especially for the world’s children. She also reflects on how her own peace activism has changed over many years: that we cannot afford to bring “violence” to our peace-making, even when we feel most outraged by acts of and justifications for violence. We need greater peace, she suggests, we also need greater love.  “We need to bring to our peace-making the gifts of love. …We will achieve peace in our world, we will create a more peaceful world for all, that every child deserves…only when we love them more and love them far less selectively and conditionally.”

Easter Retreat 2014 Talks by Dr Stephanie Dowrick


These talks by retreat leader and writer Dr Stephanie Dowrick were recorded at the annual Retreat at Easter, Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, New Zealand. The theme this year was “Sanctuary of Love”. We considered how this supports us inwardly and also in the many ways we move through and respond to the outer world. Stephanie Dowrick suggests that if you have time to listen to only one or two talks, that you might choose Tracks 6 and 7. We certainly hope that all these talks will serve you well. Stephanie will lead her second retreat of the year at Mana with a 3-day or 6-day option, beginning 25 September 2014.

Events, services & retreats with Dr Stephanie Dowrick 2014

Welcome to Dr Stephanie Dowrick’s public events for 2014 – including monthly services at Pitt Street Uniting Church (3rd Sundays, 3pm). Forthcoming highlight: the 18 October – 2 November “Happiness in the land of happiness” in Bhutan. To enquire about Dr Dowrick’s availability for speaking or retreat engagements, please go to CONTACTS on this website.

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18 October – 2 November  Happiness in the Land of Happiness (Bhutan) with Dr Stephanie Dowrick and William Suganda